Play Your Part

Simple things you can do that make a big impact.


Stay home as much as possible.

Avoid going to public spaces unless you really have to. Combine errands when you can. 
No parties. No pub crawls. No movies in cinema halls. Seriously. 


Wash your hands every 1 hour.

Scrub them with soap for 20 seconds. Soap kills the coronavirus better than most things.
Pro-tip: Don't forget to scrub your inner nails. 


3. Don't touch your face.

This is almost as tough as Step 1. 

If you really have to touch your face, make sure you've just done Step 2.


Repeat Steps 1-3.

This should take at least a few weeks.

It'll be difficult, but we don't have a choice. 
We're in this together, so play your part right.